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Hello, dear friends how are you all hope everyone on this site had a great day too. Everyone who uses a smartphone has a call dialer on their mobile phone. From where we type numbers and make incoming calls to each other. There is no Android phone or smartphone that does not have a call dialer pad. Every mobile phone has a call dialer pad. Many important settings are hidden in this call dialer pad. Maybe we don’t know what those settings do. Only we receive incoming calls.

Today I will show three important settings hidden in this call dialer pad. You’ll be amazed at how these three settings work. Three settings that will make your work easier. Which you may never know before.


★ No phone bill

– Free calling allows you to make international calls to countries worldwide even if the recipient does not have an internet connection

★ Clear and stable calling

– Dial away and make high-quality phone calls with voice quality that’s crystal clear, just like making a phone call from a landline!

★ Unlimited call credit

– You have many choices to earn credits, the simplest only need one tap. Earn more credits by completing some fun tasks.

Best 3 Features:

1) IndyCall – Best Calling Apps – With this app, you can easily make incoming calls to anyone. When you make an incoming call to someone, your phone number will be hidden from them. You can have a lot of fun with incoming calls to everyone. This is a very nice app for fun.

2) Caller ID and Spam – Many times our mobile phones receive calls from unknown numbers. We do not understand who called my mobile? We want to know his name and address but he never tells us. Thus calling the stamp number again and again annoys us. With these settings, you can know the details when someone calls you to stamp. These settings are provided in the Google Call Dialer app. If you don’t get these settings then install Google Call Dialer app from the play store app and use it.

3) Call Waiting – If you turn off these settings in the phone’s call dialer pad, it will not show the incoming call message if someone else calls you while you are talking to someone on the phone. And if you put these settings on the phone, then when you talk with someone on the phone for a long time, when someone calls your phone again, their call notification will show on your phone. It is very important to keep these settings on every mobile phone.

Install to get 2000 credits, make call now. invite to got 5000 credits.

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