Best Sad Facebook Status in English – Heart Touching Status 2023

Best Sad Facebook Status in English

1. The pain is in the ribs of my chest, I keep it pressed to my chest

Everyone smiles with a helpless mind.

Happiness is a thorn in my side

That’s why I go and cry alone.

2. Emotions in this city

No one gives place

Inside the room without interest

No one writes the name.

3. Trouble filled my chest, trouble in my mind. Does anyone know how much trouble this feels?

Trouble is in my laughter, trouble is in my tears, so I am floating day and night in the flood of trouble.

4. In life, we ​​had so much to come

I will live well all my life, I will build a small house

The house is broken today, there is no coming

After all, you have only false love.

5. If I only knew I would be the cause of your trouble.

I will be the cause of your tears.

But honestly, I would never have come into your life,

I would only love you from afar.

6. Turn off all the lights, let it be a night

I have nothing left to get

How many dreams were written on this line of the hand

Today the dream is lost alone

And you won’t get to see me.

7. Sometimes one touches a strange feeling. I don’t know if it is love or something else. The latent desire to get someone or something else you will never understand the words I do not see in my eyes do not see the dream arranged for you. Don’t you want to get lost in the blue horizon? I love to hear what you don’t want.

8. When I want to get close to you

Then you want to get away from me

You never understood me again

Lost and found me even today.

9. Lonely walk on the highway alone

Behind the road you and your shadow;

The promise of emptiness in the magic of silent rebellion

You are dark, dark all around.

10. The battle of memory continues with you

I think I will win but I lose every time.

My finger is writing as if eavesdropping

You too are very stubborn, and arrogant.

11. The flowers have all fallen, and the garden is empty today.

Feel we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.

Suddenly lost in an unknown country.

How does it mix with the air when it leaves?

The song of the birds wakes you up, not on your phone.

Not seen at the end of the defense.

12. I have not seen happiness in this world of happiness

Today I am alone in search of happiness

The happy bird has flown away, I don’t know where it is

I have lost everything today, there is no one by my side.

13. If anyone understood the meaning of tears in two eyes.

If only everyone knew that there is happiness behind sorrow.

All these are sweet and sour in the midst of love

But in the lives of many of these love lies.

14. The ignorant mind just sits and cries,

False love later falls into the trap of man,

The mind does not listen to the mind today,

The mind itself does not understand what it wants.

15. I’ll be waiting for you in the unknown,

Nobody in this game of destiny

I don’t understand why the thoughts are random today,

Yet everything seems to be moving forward as before,

There is no truth in lies, everything seems to be in reality.

16. I thought it was raining.

I was soaked with so many memories.

Maybe tomorrow you’ll leave like everyone else,

Remember, if you raise your hand, you will find me.

17. Why are your memories still in the mud,

Breaks the mind.

After all, there is a lot of writing.

Give that emptiness that loses.

What does he know?

How many autumns in Fagune and wet Shravan in the afternoon

You didn’t come back like that.

Touches you and takes you somewhere in the cloud.

18. How much I was in love, acting

Love if broken, miserable if given life

There is so much to say, waiting to be seen

This day is not the end, one day my time will come.

19. If you do not expect happiness ‘love’ |

Love is so “hard, it’s a waste of life”,

The last “fruit” of love tears in the chest.

Alas, love.

20. When you put your sari on the shelf,

I stared out the window.

I see the sky, I see the rain, I see the tears,

Clouds are flying in the distant sky.

21. It was a bad day,

The day you said !!

Do you have the talent to love me?

It only takes a while to remember the words!

I know you’re fine.

22. There are some difficulties in this house of mind,

Some water flowed through the eyes.

Wiping his eyes, he suddenly smiled again,

I keep smiling and looking for love.

23. When I wrote in your name,

Wet in the rain,

I wrote in the sky,

The sky was covered with clouds,

But whenever I wrote in my heart,

That’s when you forgot me.

24. Love is an illusion

The farther you go, the closer you get,

The more you forget, the more you remember,

And the more you laugh, the more you cry.

25. If you wish

Can you give me

I like it, love

I’ll give you more,

You just hold the hand,

I will not be anyone else.

26. Is the suffering of the vast sky greater than that of man? If he wants, the sky can rain down his frozen troubles. But man? Some people can’t shed tears of grief. The pain is frozen inside the chest. And even that huge sky cannot hold those hardships.

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