Nabab LL.B Movie Discussion – Shakib Khan’s New Supper Hit Movie 2021

Shakib Khan’s New Supper Hit Movie 2021: Anonno Mamun’s Nabab LLB movies have been the focus of discussion for several months. And the movie of top hero Shakib Khan will be in the discussion. Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan has returned to shooting after about 6 months. And it is going to start with Anonno Mamun movies. Director Mamun is going to make a movie called Nabab LLB with Shakib Khan. Nabab will play Shakib Khan in a positive role in the movie and opposite him, Shakib Khan will be joined by a talented actor Shahiduzzaman Selim, and Simant who will play a powerful villain.

Earlier, Simanta was seen playing a villain in Anonno Mamun’s psycho movies. Nabab LLB movies will be made much like the South movies, so the villain selection of the movies has also been looked into. Shahiduzzaman Selim and Anonno Mamun’s said that Nabab LLB is casting a big-budget movie with big actors. Shahiduzzaman Selim is a large scale artist. He will play a negative role and Simanta will be his collaborator. Meanwhile, the shooting of Nabab LLB has started yesterday. However, Shakib Khan has not yet participated in the shooting of the movie, the shooting of the movie is going on without Shakib. It is learned that Shakib Khan will participate in the shooting of the movie from September 10. Currently, the shooting will continue for the next 3 days at different locations in Dhaka, after which it will start on September 10 at FDC. Shakib Khan will take part in the shooting at this time. Mahiya Mahi and Orchita Sporshia have teamed up opposite Shakib in this movie which is under construction under the banner of Celebrity Productions. These two stars are at the top of the viewers’ choice.

With this, Shakib Khan and Mahi are going to tie the knot again after 6 long years. In 2013, Shakib Khan and Mahi worked together for the first time in the movie Bhalobasha Aajkal directed by BA Kajal and produced by Jazz Multimedia. Finally, after a break of 6 years, they tied the knot again. Despite the announcement of the release on Eid-ul-Fitr, everything in the film stopped due to Koro’na, since then everyone has been waiting to see when the movie will start and when it will be released. Shakib and Mahiya Mahi will play the role of lawyers in Nabab LLB under the banner of Celebrity Productions, while Anonno Mamun’s are reluctant to say anything about the character of Spurs. Shakib Khan told us about the new film Nabab LLB, the film will be a big event.
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