Cursed Year Travel to Bangladesh


Traveling means exploring the dangers of a meaningful adventure. However, the global epidemic has eased people’s emotions. Then again if the highest mountains and the deep sea can’t stop anyone from traveling, this epidemic can’t leave the backpacker either. But the question is can we safely explore?

Nowadays, it is better to travel to a safe place than to have an obvious situation. Again this is the best time to follow the unknown of our homeland. More desirable to travel to the countryside and remote areas. We can fully enjoy adventure and leisure. So I went to see a rare region of Bangladesh, a country full of natural beauty. This is the Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh. This district is covered with wetlands which is one of the best places in Bangladesh.

You know about Cox’s Bazar, Barisal, Shandorban, etc. but do you know about Nikli or Mithamin? The answer is no. Bangladeshis know very little about this huge wetland. Let me describe a brief description of Kishoreganj. This land is covered by beautiful wetlands called Nikli, Mithamin, Instagram, etc. It is one of the best sightseeing places in Bangladesh. At one time Kishoreganj was a remote area. It was impossible to travel by road due to waterways. So naturally, people did not take the risk of seeing its beauty. It is the current President Abdul Hamid who built the wide road across this huge reservoir. In this way, it was possible to witness the beauty of Kishoreganj. And we start our 1-day journey to unpaid Kishoreganj. We set out on August 12 to learn the unknown, get protection, and follow a tasteful lifestyle.

We start our journey in 6 hours by car to avoid human contact. It was a five-hour driveway from Dhaka to Kishoreganj. The city was not yet awake. On the way, I saw Lucid Dhaka. The sky was clear from the blue and gray dust. After crossing Dhaka, we could see the green field. Cattle were humming and people were walking around. As we walked through the towns of each district we saw busy markets, bushes. People were walking around without masks. As if the virus has never attacked the world. The farther we went from Dhaka to Dhaka, we saw fewer people. We had breakfast in a small cottage. Then the real journey began. We have entered a place where I call the ‘Garden of Eden’ inside Bangladesh.

When we entered Nikli Upazila there was land and huge wetlands on one side or the other side we say “haor” call we could not see the other end from one side. Wetlands have crossed villages.

The villages were connected by great roads. We were crossing the roads and it felt like we were in the middle of the ocean. Like a huge road built over the sea. We still haven’t seen the riverbank. Then around 11 am we reached our destination, “Nikli Haor”.

We rested in a small house. Even the house was surrounded by small ponds. There were fewer people than I expected. I was able to get the fragrant smell of wet grass. The sky was clearer than before. Then off the coast of Nikli, we took the boat to start our Marcy land voyage. At that time the boat had two floors. There were six of us on the boat, including two sailors. When I took a step on the boat it started to jump gently. One boatman said that people often fall into double-decker boats, so I was very scared. But once the journey started I forgot everything after seeing the powerful philosophy of ‘Nikli Haor’. The water was as clear as the sky. To my surprise, the water was an unfamiliar blue. There were many boats, including fishermen’s boats. We failed to see the coast again because the wetlands were so big. I was surprised to see that there were a couple of big trees in the middle of this wide river. Somewhere in the middle, the trees were alone. As far as I could see there was only water and water. The wind was very pleasant. On a mildly warm day, the wind blew lightly and I just forgot the high life.

The boat was floating through Nikli when it reached ‘Mithamin Hoare’. This is another wetland of Kishoreganj. This sub-district is also known as the homeland of President Abdul Hamid. ‘Mithamin Haor was more elegant. It was a journey of joy. The river was calm and cool. We saw a beautiful black and white Egret. As the water was low we saw small green grass in the middle of the water. Mithani Haor was connected with the Danu river. So the huge giant-sized cargo ship was visible to us. From a distance, a captain was seen known as ‘President Abdul Hamid Bridge’. The bridge was unimaginable in this place. It is a modern bridge that connects the Itna sub-district and Mithamin sub-district. Our boat stopped by the river and we went to the scenic spot. The bridge was so beautifully built. It was also clean and polished. We have heard that our President has traveled through this bridge to reach his home. We left the strong bridge after the sights.

Then it was time for us to go back to Nikli. We had our lunch on the boat. I can assure you that lunch is one of the most exciting ways to have lunch. Although the boat was wrecked it was quite enjoyable. At the end of lunch, we had honey in coconut water. Then something unexpected happened. Suddenly the sky got darker. Heavy rain has started to fall. The boat was moving dangerously. So we had to go to the first floor of the boat. We could see through the window that the waves had changed. It took on a spooky shape. I felt the boat would sink soon. Then around four o’clock in the afternoon. We were all praying and suddenly the boat got stuck on the low ground. It was quite dramatic. But we were able to sail again and the rain stopped.

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